My name is Alessio Albi, I’m a 29 years old photographer from Perugia, Italy.
I’m mainly involved in portrait photography, storytelling, advertising and book/cd covers. I started taking photos at the age of 24; coming from drawing and painting,
my first approach to photography was pretty natural and easy.
I've got a degree in Medical Biotechnologies and I also work as a nutritionist.
“Rather than taking an ordinary portrait, the photographer utilizes the quirks
and distinguishing features of each unique setting to add
an interesting aesthetic within the frame. Before viewers' eyes, an ordinary fence becomes a vital piece of his visual puzzle, casting a distinct shadow
across his model's face. To incorporate additional drama in his photographs,
the artist uses various elements of nature — grass, plants, trees, and wildflowers —
to create an improvised shadow, silhouette, or frame. While his model's faces are partly obscured by any given element in each respective shot, Albi makes it so each shot offers a unique way of hiding and revealing his beautiful subject. This impressive technique is the cameraman's way of adding an additional creative dimension to his work.
Albi also believes that a woman's long, colorful hair can work as an extra prop on a shoot. He utilizes the ability of each strand to swerve, curl, and wrap around their faces,
like an organic frame. Despite his penchant for visual drama,
the gifted artist never overdoes it. His portraits appear simple and refined,
yet intriguing at the same time. The women in his shots are not merely pretty faces.
They add value to each portrait through the emotions they convey”.

(Taken from my second feature on mymodernmet.com).